Elected Officials

  • Earl Blumenauer – U.S. Representative, District 3
  • Jane Cease – former Oregon House Representative
  • Serena Cruz – former Multnomah County Commissioner
  • Michael Dembrow – Oregon State Senator, District 23
  • Richard Devlin – former Oregon State Senator
  • Chloe Eudaly – Portland City Commissioner
  • Amanda Fritz – Portland City Commissioner
  • Diego Hernandez – Oregon State Representative, District 47
  • Alissa Keny-Guyer – Oregon House Representative, District 46
  • Tina Kotek – House Speaker, Oregon House Representative, District 44
  • Ted Kulongoski – Governor of Oregon, 2003-2011
  • Mike Lindberg – former Portland City Commissioner
  • Rob Nosse – Oregon State Representative, District 42
  • Lynn Peterson – Metro Council President
  • Carla Piluso – Oregon House Representative, District 50
  • Barbara Roberts – Governor of Oregon, 1991-1995
  • Tawna Sanchez – Oregon House Representative, District 43

What People Are Saying

As someone who served on the Portland City Council during a time of exciting progressive change, I know what it takes to turn our Portland values into action. You need city commissioners who have strong principals, a clear vision and — most importantly — the ability to work with residents and colleagues to get things done. As I oppose the Trump agenda in Congress, Jo Ann has been one of the strongest voices standing against that agenda in our community, fighting for a Portland that welcomes and serves everyone.

But Jo Ann is more than just a principled community organizer. Her six years as a legislator gives her an understanding of how to make government work for people.

Jo Ann Hardesty is the clear choice to move Portland forward. I hope you will join me in voting for her to be our next City Commissioner.”

Earl Blumenauer – U.S. Representative, District 3

Jo Ann has been a staunch proponent of Open and Accountable Elections, Police accountability, and equity for East Portland – all priority issues for me.  She has demonstrated her capacity to listen, learn from mistakes, and collaborate.  She has earned my endorsement, over many years of advocacy for and service to Portland’s communities.”

Amanda Fritz, Portland City Commissioner

“I do not give my endorsement lightly, but in our current political climate, I believe Jo Ann is the leader we need at City Hall, and I am excited to give my full support to her campaign.”

Governor Barbara Roberts (1991-1995)

“Portland needs a progressive voice like Jo Ann’s that will advocate for underrepresented communities and deliver results. During these troubling times we need fearless leadership who will resist and stand for immigrant and civil rights, while working to undo our historical inequities. I am excited to support her campaign and to collaborate with her in the near future.” 

Diego Hernandez, Oregon State Representative – District 47

“Jo Ann is the most qualified candidate to do this job because she has actual political experience, she has experience running organizations at different levels, and she is always an organizer at heart. Jo Ann has been working on issues that are important in our city for a long time, and I think she’s what we need right now — someone who brings both the expertise from being a government ‘insider’ and the compassion for people from being an ‘outsider.’”

Rob Nosse, Oregon State Representative – District 42

“ATU Local 757 is thrilled to endorse Jo Ann Hardesty for Portland City Council. We’re deeply impressed with Jo Ann’s long history of civic activism in Portland, especially her work with people of color and other historically-marginalized communities. We’re convinced that Jo Ann is absolutely committed to improving public transit in our city while doing more to keep our transit workers and riders safe on the system, and we look forward to working with her to make that happen.”

Andrew Riley, Communications Coordinator – Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757

“The OSCRC Board and PAC has endorsed Jo Ann Hardesty for the open seat on the City Council because we believe she is the best qualified candidate for that position. Jo Ann understands the needs of elders in Portland. She knows how city government works and she’s not afraid to do the right thing.”

Steve Weiss, Oregon State Council of Retired Citizens

“We feel that Jo Ann Hardesty’s long record of community engagement in Portland gives her a unique authority to enact the change that Portland needs going forward. She is a strong voice for grassroots activism and she is not afraid of speaking truth to power, and we would be thrilled to see her on Portland’s city council.”

PCCFCE member Matt Reader, PT faculty instructor

“The Oregon Consumer League is pleased to have endorsed Jo Ann Hardesty in her race for a seat on the Portland City Council. Jo Ann understands the importance of emphasizing the need for safe and affordable housing our community. She also understands that our community needs a police force that protects, rather than threatens, people of color and those with mental health and physical disabilities among us. The OCL believes that Jo Ann will therefore be a fearless champion for these changes on the City Council.”

Oregon Consumer League

“Portland is home to over 55,000 Asians and Pacific Islanders, representing 9% of the city’s population, and one of the fastest growing communities of color in Oregon. With the historic election of Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland will be gaining a thoughtful, passionate, and experienced community leader who can help elevate the voices of Portlanders long shut out of our political process. Jo Ann’s commitment to communities of color and advocacy skills to fight for Asians and Pacific Islanders will bring much needed representation to our city government, and APANO is excited to support her.”

Kathy Wai, Field Director of APANO

“We have no doubt that Jo Ann will be a necessary agitator to bring new ideas and people into community decision-making. We look forward to helping elect someone whose values align with APANO’s.”

Robin Ye, Field Organizer at APANO

“So many friends attended my house party, and their contributions exceeded my expectations. I think it was because Jo Ann is their hero, as she is mine, because of her political and moral courage and her grasp of the important issues facing Portland. She does her homework, and she knows what she’s talking about!”

Rod Such

“As a former university professor, I appreciate that she researches the policies she advocates, so that she can engage in-depth on any questions that come up. And she practices what she preaches. She is a wonderful antidote to the dolts running our federal government now. Can’t wait til she is sitting on the Council, where I’m sure she will use her political talent and experience to enact the programs she espouses.”

Dr. Namascar Shaktini

“Jo Ann’s candidacy is an opportunity that Portland cannot afford to pass up!  With her experience in the legislature and the turnaround of the NAACP she has a proven track record of getting things done.  Portland is on the cusp of change.  We cannot afford to lose the spirit that made this a great city.”

Linda McKim-Bell

“I have known JoAnn for 25 years.  She has many years of experience as a community organizer and activist and as an elected official. She knows that these roles are different and has had the flexibility to serve in both roles. I believe she will be a bridge builder while she maintains a clear focus on the important issues of justice and equity.   I am delighted to support her for City Council.”

Beverly Stein, former Multnomah County Chair

“Pacific Northwest Family Circle endorses Jo Ann Hardesty for Portland City Council because, as we can say from direct experience, Jo Ann is a staunch and active advocate for civil rights. In 2010, she promised Fred Bryant that she would make sure that the Keaton Otis Vigil he started for his son – murdered by police – would continue until the community got justice. Eight years later, this vigil is possibly the longest running police accountability action in the U.S. She is for the people and keeps her promises.

Irene Kalonji – Founder & Maria Cahill – Organizer
Pacific Northwest Family Circle